REALSTAIT TV, L.L.C., a division of DIGITAL UMBRELLA GROUP, L.L.C., provides video marketing and internet TV channels to Real Estate Agents and Businesses nationwide. REALSTAIT TV, L.L.C. utilizes the latest digital marketing strategies to create media exposure for our clients.

Since 2015, video has became a digital marketing disruptor and the number one marketing technique. Companies such as Periscope, Facebook, and Youtube have introduced live stream video broadcasting platforms that are taking the world by storm. Live stream video marketers can quickly gain thousands of followers. Internet Television broadcasting has also allowed millions of consumers to access video content on television through smart TV device providers, such as Google, Amazon, Apple, and Roku. Businesses that harness these latest video marketing strategies will separate themselves from the competition. Companies that refuse to adopt will get left behind!

REALSTAIT TV, L.L.C. will become the top video marketing solution for businesses by providing access to millions of viewers and potential customers.